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Underwater CG is a small game outsourcing studio that offers a range of services to bring your game project to life. These include:

- Level Design
Designing and laying out levels for your game to ensure a smooth player experience.
- Environment Design
Creating stunning and immersive environments for your game.
- Cinematic Trailer
Producing cinematic trailers that showcase your game in an exciting way.
- Low Poly Modeling
Creating low poly models optimized for real-time rendering in games.
- High Poly Modeling For Cinematic
We can create high poly models for use in cinematic sequences or cutscenes.
- Hand Painted Texturing And PBR Texturing
Creating hand-painted and physically based rendering (PBR) textures for your game assets.
- Procedural Models
We can create models using procedural techniques to add detail and variation to your game assets.
- Target Rendering For Promotional Use
Rendering of your game assets for use in marketing materials.

- 2D Environments
Our skilled artists can create beautiful and immersive environments for your game, from lush forests and towering castles to bustling cities and vast oceans.
- 2D Characters
Designers can create a wide range of characters for your game, from heroes and villains to NPCs and creatures.
- 2D Storyboarding
Artists can help bring your game's story to life with stunning storyboards that clearly convey the action and emotion of each scene.
- 2D Props
From weapons and armor to furniture and decorations, we can create a wide range of props to bring your game world to life.
- UI/UX Design
Designing a user interface and user experience that is intuitive and visually appealing.

- Rigging
Skeletal systems are set up for 3D models to be animated.
- Skinning
Surface deformations are set up on 3D models to be animated.
- Character Animation
Characters are brought to life with realistic or stylized movements.
- Product Animation
Products are demonstrated or showcased with animations.
- Industrial Animation
Industrial processes and machinery are illustrated with animations.
- Architectural Animation
Buildings and structures are presented with animations.

- Interactive And Linear Sound Design
Sound effects and music are created and implemented for interactive media.
- Audio Branding
Audio logos and signature sounds are created for a brand.
- Implementation In Unreal Engine / Wwise / Fmod
Sound design is implemented in various game engines and audio middleware.
- Music Production
Original music and soundtracks are composed and produced for games, films, and other media.
- Record And Create Unique Sound Libraries
Custom sound effects and sound libraries are recorded and created for use in games and other media.
- Working With Voice Actors / Announcers: Collaboration with voice actors and announcers to record dialogue and voiceovers for games and other media.


At Underwater CG, we are dedicated to creating high-quality game graphics that exceed our clients' expectations. Our process is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality results on time and on budget.


To begin working with us, you can contact us with details of your project. Our managers will then reach out to you to discuss your needs and evaluate whether we are the best fit for your project.


Once we have received your initial message, we will engage in a dialogue with you to gain a deeper understanding of your project, including your vision, budget, and specific requirements.


Once we have a clear understanding of your project, our team of highly skilled artists will begin creating game art. We will keep you updated on our progress and work with you to resolve any issues that may arise during the process. 


Upon completion of the project, we will deliver the final game art to you and provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction. As a studio that values its reputation, we are committed to providing exceptional support services even after the project is complete.



Underwater CG is a small but highly skilled game art studio based in Montenegro. Our team consists of experienced artists and designers who are passionate about creating high-quality game art. We specialize in creating game worlds, 3D models, animations, sound design, and video trailers for Unreal Engine.

We strive to provide our clients with first-class game art. We understand that quality and details matter to players and we do everything we can to ensure our clients are happy with the result.

We also strive to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in the game industry so we can offer our clients the most modern and advanced solutions. We have the necessary experience, skills and tools to create games that not only look great but also have engaging gameplay mechanics. We are ready to create a game of any complexity and one that meet your requirement and desires.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help you make your game a success.


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Ivan Kolodko


Denis Sinchenko

​​UE Generalist

Konstantin Masokin

3D Artist

​​Victor Remeshevsky

​CG Generalist

​​Ekaterina Shatalova

​​3D Character Artist

​​Egor Ivanov

​Sound Designer

​​Vitaly Kuznetsov

​​3D Animator

Leszek Charczewski

UX/UI Designer



For further communication with us, you can use the form or e-mail. We will always be glad to hear from you on the other end of the line.


924F+J8R, Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro